Professional Hydroponics Consultancy

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ZDL Consulting – Switzerland

As one of the industry’s most trusted entrepreneurs – our business consultancy helps guide entrepreneurs and startups entering the cannabis industry, as well as cannabis companies looking to grow and expand their existing business. Besides our premium portfolio of product and partners – when combined with our industry experience, business network and plant skills – can help any farmer tackle their next challenge.  

ZDL consulting is here to help no matter what phase of business you are in. Whether you need full-scale support through the entire process or focused efforts during critical phases, our approach will be catered to your specific needs. Our experts guide clients from idea to reality and help navigate the complexity of the industry to drive your sustained, long-term success.

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ZDL Consulting – Company Specialities

In conjunction with our Professional Partners we offer a broad range of truly independent services and advice including project management, soil, plant and water analysis, pest management, arboriculture, plant selection, quality assurance, supervision of maintenance schedules and specification preparation. We offer you fully independent advice resulting in cost effective outcomes for your projects. Our extensive industry knowledge puts us at an advantage over other consultancy services giving you superior results and peace of mind.

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