ZDL Consulting 


Whether you’re a new startup or an experienced business wanting to expand, ZDL Consulting is the first call any Swiss cannabis entrepreneur should make. ZDL Consulting  has the industry experience, reputation, influence, expertise, and passion to put your cannabis business in the best position for sustained, long-term success. ZDL Consultancy primary mission is helping other companies grow better. A complete package of products and knowledge for startups as well as industry leading experience for seasoned professional with a very specific challenge. If ZDL doesn’t have the necessary expertise inhouse – our network of suppliers, growers or experts – is always capable in helping your business with the next step. 

A team of companies and experts selling their products and perhaps most importantly their knowledge and network – to a rapidly growing market of cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Our core business focus on 3 major pillars. 

Product and production . 
A portfolio of world famous 

You can have all the money and hardware in the world, but the cannabis can be as unforgiving as it can be profitable. Without the right combination of business skills growing software and farming know-how – failure is a definitely an possible outcome. 

Our credentials. 

Our core team of experts – many of which have been industry leading entrepeneurs for the past 20-30 years – are available for on-site consultancy and trouble shooting.

Our core business revolves around selling you the best trifecta of growing software currently available in the Swiss Market place. A portfolio of premium products pertaining to your genetics, fertilizers and substrate package. Adding to this 


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Our company cred
Business Partnerships