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Successful industry leaders for more than 30 years

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and operators frequently need assistance incorporating new types of products. Over the last several years, ZDL Consulting has helped many clients navigate these challenging transitions by adapting or altering existing procedures to adequately scale their business. Your customized cultivation plan will blend best practices proven over years of commercial growing, with your individual vision and facility constraints. Your cultivation plan in one piece of the puzzle. Having your procedures down on paper is a good start, however the real challenge will be mapping your paper processes to the systems used in your facility. ZDL will help develop your custom made cultivation management systems increasing your yield on a crop cycle basis.

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Farming Support

Start-up Services

Many entrepreneurs underestimate how important the engineering and design phase is to the overall success of their operation. Many rush to hire a commercial builder to start a design-build process for their cannabis facility without planning first. With the ZDL Consulting serving as your team member, you can avoid costly mistakes and improve your time to market instead of skipping steps and not engaging the appropriate resources.

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Farming Efficiency

Operational Support

If you understand the (root) cause of your problems – a procedural change should fix most of your problems. If you don’t understand the root cause of your problems – this can be a very frustrating industry to operate in – especially if the management team lacks product or farming experience. ZDL consulting offers Swiss CBD farmers trouble shooting services and concrete solutions for their biggest operational headaches. Our management team by itself encompasses 150 years of growing experience – our direct network multiplies that by 10!

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Farming Strategy

Growth & Optimization

In this rapidly evolving industry, one of the most common goals among existing operators is to grow into new markets or establish additional locations. ZDL Consulting helps to scale cannabis businesses by adapting improving existing  policies and procedures to be compliant in new markets. In addition, we can help to hire and train the talent needed to operate new businesses successfully and ensure that you meet the positive ROI you expect.

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A quality business network of professional is a must

No matter how good the operational and growing parts of your CBD farm are producing – without a sold foundation and a network of experts – your business will unfortunately fail to optimize its full potential. ZDL consulting offers easy access to a growing network of quality business partners – who are ready to assist you with array of entrepreneurial challenges

Real Estate brokers / Accountants / Lawyers / Business Developers / Marketing specialists and more 

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