Hy-Pro Coco A+B


Designed and made with more than 30 years of experience, Hy-pro Grow Nutrition Coco is an effective, mineral-based fertilizer, which provides the perfect balance of all components necessary for plants in the growth phase. It accelerates growth, supports root formation, and strengthens the plant. Hy-pro grow nutrition also promotes the formation of bushy lateral shoots, this fertilizer is particularly popular among gardeners for whom a high yield is beneficial. As is conventional for mineral-based fertilizers, the nutrients are instantly made available to the plant, and the results can therefore be seen very quickly. Hy-pro Fertilizers have been tried and tested for the better part of 3 decades and are renowned for their simple solutions. Hy-pro grow nutrition Coco can be applied throughout the entire growth cycle ensuring rapid growth and healthy chlorophyll.

Hy-pro Grow Nutrition COCO is a specially developed formula to optimize your plants and crops growing on cocopeat substrates.